New Chapter


It’s like our custom to make fresh start every new year, well, not necessarily should be every new year, but typically new year is always a starting point for us to start anew. So what’s barring me from not having one. Shutting door of memories of 2014 was hard as it has left me with a remarkable life experience may it be the good or the defective ones and yet excitement sizzles inside, anxious to see what this new year has in store for me.

However, in Him I place my faith in for whatever He has to offer. The best I can do is to spread out both my hands and make du’a for a smooth journey of this new chapter for we know, Allah is the The Giver of all goodness. Life is a one endless journey. As long as life goes on, I’m learning and from the bumpy road I’ve had gone through, I gained a lot of experiences. Insha Allah, with His guidance this endless journey could possibly leads me towards success in this Dunya and the hereafter. Du’a will be the string to pull me back on track in case I have been misled.

Okay, let’s wrap this up,shall we? I don’t want to stay up at this late hours alone. But before that, a

Happy New Year to all of us and may this year brings us good luck & prosperity.


Food For Faith

Every so often we forgot or even sometimes we choose not to pay much time on the so-called “petty matter” that has been brought to us. But little do we know that the littlest things make things major. Here’s something for you to ponder. I hope its beneficial to you as much as it is to me.

Allah Is The Best Planner


Since I have so much free time before hitting the sack, I thought that reading a post might be beneficial. So, I came a crossed to this one Islamic  blog and I started to indulge deeper into all the articles posted. One of my favorite is the “Top 5 Reason for Hijabophobic” and I think it is something you should read too.

I’m so much agree with the last paragraph, Visual Disparity Between Outer Apperance and Inner. Frankly speaking, before I started donning hijab (it was back in 2013 during Ramadhan), I’ve been over thinking on how was I going to look like, what others(closest friends and family) might think of me when they sees me donning hijab, and one of the toughest question that bugged me the most was “Is this overwhelming feeling of started to donning hijab is just a temporary?What if I stop wearing it after couples of months or days of wearing it?!” I have to take this matter seriously. It’s not just a piece of cloth that cover ones head and awrah. It is more than that. So I had consulted Mama on this matter and this was what she said ” Believe in yourself, have faith in Him, surely He will guide you towards Him.Insyaallah.” Mother. Always comforts you with warm words.

However, thinking about the past, always feels me up with embarrassment of my ignorant on Islam. I used to tell myself that tudung is just one piece of boring cloth. I never tell anyone about this. Not even my mom nor my sisters. So this is my honest confession I’ve made on blog. I was so dumb that I told myself I will wear tudung once I married or once I enter my 40’s.*Bury my shameless face in my palms*

Come to think of it, I’m just a mankind that typically tends to make sins.  Alhamdulillah. It has been 9 months now I’ve been donning it.  Allah has guide me this far and given me a chance to improve my weakness. I’m so thankful to Him for given me the lights of His hidayah that some might have not had to become a better muslimah. Insyaallah, He  will guide me. All muslims towards His hidayah. Pray and have faith in Allah.

Till then. Salam


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