New Chapter


It’s like our custom to make fresh start every new year, well, not necessarily should be every new year, but typically new year is always a starting point for us to start anew. So what’s barring me from not having one. Shutting door of memories of 2014 was hard as it has left me with a remarkable life experience may it be the good or the defective ones and yet excitement sizzles inside, anxious to see what this new year has in store for me.

However, in Him I place my faith in for whatever He has to offer. The best I can do is to spread out both my hands and make du’a for a smooth journey of this new chapter for we know, Allah is the The Giver of all goodness. Life is a one endless journey. As long as life goes on, I’m learning and from the bumpy road I’ve had gone through, I gained a lot of experiences. Insha Allah, with His guidance this endless journey could possibly leads me towards success in this Dunya and the hereafter. Du’a will be the string to pull me back on track in case I have been misled.

Okay, let’s wrap this up,shall we? I don’t want to stay up at this late hours alone. But before that, a

Happy New Year to all of us and may this year brings us good luck & prosperity.


Bona Fides



What is that to us?

How do we define it in our own words?

Is it just a word that really comes from the bottom of our heart?

Or is it just a word that hangs out from our mouth that has been running on auto pilot?

Are we doing it for the sake of Allah?

Or just to please society?

Or is it because everyone is doing it?

How does it matter to us?

Have we ever thought of that before?

How often do we think of this when it comes to accomplish a task?

All these while I only knew “Sincerity” by the word itself and not the clarification of the word. While browsing through web yesterday, I came across a lot of real definitions of sincerity in Islam, and they all seep deeply down in me.

Ikhlas(Sincerity) means purging actions of all impurities”-Unknown .The impurities as in having the desire to please others. As for another definitions quoted as the following ,

Sincerity is like an ant on a black rock in the darkest night. It exist but very difficult to see.”-Husni Adnan.

Islamically, to my perspective, sincerity should have come from the inside. Your actions, intentions & perseverance are between you and God. AND it SHOULDN’T be divulged to the public. You should not desire anyone to praise you for it except God Almighty. In other words, it must be only visible to the eyes of Allah S.W.T(Glorified and Exalted be He) and not His servants.

Wallahu a’lam (And Allah knows best.)

“O Allah! Purify my heart from hypocrisy and my deeds for Ria(show-off) and my tongue from lying and my eyes from treachery. For indeed only you know the treachery of the eyes and what lays hidden in the breasts” – Al-Bayhaqi [Manoon]

Food For Faith

Every so often we forgot or even sometimes we choose not to pay much time on the so-called “petty matter” that has been brought to us. But little do we know that the littlest things make things major. Here’s something for you to ponder. I hope its beneficial to you as much as it is to me.

The Fruity Fruitcake



This post title  somehow remind me of ‘The Fruitcake Special’ the english short stories I learnt back in high school,year 2011 if I’m not mistaken. It was my favourite short story of all that never bores me. For one obvious reason, of course, it was all about fruitcake which is my all time favourite cake! I kept reading it over and over again. And for this reason, I always score the short story section most if the story came up on monthly test.Hihi. *Sigh* what a memory.

Truth to be told, cakes aren’t my profession when comes to baking though baking is one of my major interest. I’m more to decorating rather than spending minutes of time beating the batter. Yup. I’m that kind of lazy ass person. And that’s why God blessed us, my mom, who is not just a good cook but also a great baker.Loveyoumaa

Falling Deeply In Love


I’m not obsessed,

I’m not obsessed,

I’m not obsessed.

*Hold in deep breath* *Breathe out* Gahh!! Fine, I am obsessed!

Last week (hope it is not too late for me to post on a week old stuff) has been an exceedingly tiring baking week for me. Ever since my whole heart was taken by the mouth-watering pastry & overly attached to the eye popping decorations of sugar cookies,  I want everything to be set out perfectly well for both sugar cookies & royal icing. So it was some sort of  “Try & Error”  week for me.

I’ve been crazily pushing my lazy bum so hard to make myself busy working in the kitchen with all the recipes & decoration ideas for at least 16 hours from day to day within a week. I’m very keen to see if the cookies & the icing could finally turned out to be the way I wanted it to be.

This time I dare to say am satisfied with all the hard work I’ve gone through! Haha. I couldn’t contain myself seeing all the decorated cookies personally decorated by me & my mom lined on the cooling racks. Not to mention with all the mess (the good one, of course!) we’ve gotten ourselves into. Crumpled tissue papers were all over the place, splattered of coloured icing on our hands, clothes we were wearing & on our working table. However, both of us were very pleased with our achievement.

Our Sweet Obsession

Pastries! Pastries! Pastries!

This is all that I’m obsessed with since few years back. It actually started with my mom who was so taken with baking cookies & cakes. I remember my mom first baking attempt that was somewhere back in 2008, when she earnestly wanted to bake an orange cake, which was her very first time in baking a homemade cake.

Well, believe me, it was her first time in baking, it was her first orange sponge cake, & it was the first cake that had flown all through the kitchen & smashed against the wall but doesn’t crumbled. Yupp! Mom’s Orange Sponge Cake. Because the cake doesn’t turned out to be the way it supposed to, it became a “flying saucer” as the end product. Hihi.

However, as time went by, she’s getting really good with it. There’s a lot of improvement in her baking skills. Am not saying this because she’s my mother but I love how her strong self-esteem & the way she injects the positive vibes into her baking skills. Though, cakes was once our breakfast, lunch, teatime & dinner main course, but I’ve got to admit it benefited me as well as now I owned some of her overly obsessive hobby in decorating pastries. As the saying goes “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”.

(These are some of the photos of pastries that both my Mom & I made on our first time)


I can’t recall what does these cookies called.Obviously we used cookie cutter for the Pooh’s & Tiger’s


Granny’s Apple Pie


Chocolate Moist Muffins


Chocolate Chip Cookies

…..& my current obsession is now with macarons. I’ve become quite taken with macarons lately for its cheerful pastel colors combination. Ya Allah! So tempting. So far, I still haven’t found yet the best macarons recipe to make on my own. But since it was my first time making macaroons, I think I found the easiest one.

I have it all written down in my small notebook around 2 to 3 recipes(?). What?? I’m not quite confident with neither the ingredient nor the “tips & tricks” suggested just yet since there are too much ideas saying almond flour can be replaced with crushed roasted almond, some says cream of tartar is optional while some says so & so. “Screw you! Am going to have everything in that baking store to make my macarons!”

All & all, I’d say am still considering making macarons.

Balancing The Unbalanced (& Still Coping)


Salam everyone,

I’m sure it hasn’t been that long, but it feels like ages to me. How was your week going peeps?

Hope you have a splendid week to sum up. Well, as for me, I would say it’s been a pretty rough week,but Alhamdulillah (All Praise be to Almighty) in the meantime, He still blessed me with an awesome life experience.

I realized that I’ve been in a pretty much messed up condition ever since we lost one of our pet cats, Hunter. Well, some might say “It’s just a cat,though. Stop fussing over it” “Is this something that should cost you your precious time?” If you can’t appreciate the little things that comes into your life, how could you ever expect it to be followed by the greatest things,right? Losing Hunter, to me is like having to lose one of our family member as he was the closest one to me beside Tiger. Never thought that last Monday morning was the last time of me kissing & hugging him.

“Every soul will taste death” This verse from Quran, Surah Al-Imran (verse 3:185) I’d say that had been pulling myself back together again since then. It reminds me of how Almighty Allah is. He gives us something for a short period, & whenever He decrees a thing, He says to it only “Kun Fayakoon” (كُن فَيَكُونُ), “Be! And it is”. Despite the lost, it somehow taught me to appreciate everything that comes into our lives because we wouldn’t know how long are they going to be here with us.

However, not long after we lost Hunter, we found Bubble (Our new family member) as a replacement! Again, I was in awe of how amazingly Allah S.W.T(Glorified & Exalted be He) took something away from us & as a replacement He grant us with something better. Allahu Akbar (Allah is the Greatest).

Though I find it hard for me to accept the fact that he’s no longer with us. But surely I’ll get over it someday. & whenever I miss Hunter, there’s always a reason for me to express gratitude towards Him, by giving thanks to Him for bringing Bubble into our lives.


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